„David Achenbach and Anna Hagemeier are proud to jointly open their new exhibition space, David Achenbach Projects, for the first time with the exhibition WE’VE BEEN HIDING TOO LONG.

Following the successful launch of the David Achenbach Projects series in Düsseldorf in 2014, an innovative space for artistic exchange has now been created in the Bergisches Land region – specifically, in Wuppertal – which will host several solo and group exhibitions in the course of each year.

Looking for something special for their projects, Achenbach and Hagemeier – who has been working with Achenbach since 2015 and co-founded David Achenbach Projects – have chosen premises in a generously proportioned older building with expansive grounds. This means that they can for the first time exhibit not only paintings, photographs and installations but outdoor sculptures as well. It was therefore not a difficult decision for the two Düsseldorf-born founders to relocate to Bergisches Land to make space for creative ideas and projects.“ – DAVID ACHENBACH PROJECTS